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If you are one of the 25-30% of Americans who suffers from acute or chronic pain, Pain Management Kentucky can help! Our team of board-certified pain management specialists is dedicated to using the most advanced, proven therapeutic techniques. This includes a wide variety of injections, interventional procedures and responsible medication management. You will be seen and examined personally by one of our four Medical Doctors. Feel free to click the links to their individual biographies.

We have alleviated the pain of thousands of patients throughout Kentucky and Southern Indiana. With multiple practice sites in Louisville and Bardstown, we are happy to set up an appointment at your convenience. Don't let chronic pain ruin your life – you don't have to be in pain! Get relief now by calling (502) 366-7317 today to schedule a consultation with one of our caring physicians.

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The goal of the Pain Management Kentucky medical team is to alleviate your pain so you can regain impaired functions and return to a more normal way of life.

Pain can have multiple causes and is experienced differently by each person. Therefore, Pain Management Kentucky physicians believe in a multidisciplinary approach that allows us to accurately diagnose the causes of your pain and to prescribe a pain management program that will work best for you.

Please contact our main office for appointments, as well as most questions and concerns. For your convenience, we have a secretary at this office during business hours, who can answer questions or schedule visits for all of our facilities.

Pain Management Kentucky
Sts. Mary and Elizabeth Medical Plaza One

Suite 302
4402 Churchman Avenue
Louisville, KY 40215

Phone (502) 366-7317
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Also feel free to contact our other practice sites, as needed. Keep in mind that our secretary is at the Sts. Mary and Elizabeth location. Most calls, questions, and appointment requests should be directed there. The secretary will then direct these to the appropriate facilites along the appropriate channels.

Audubon Hospital Pain Center
Suite 105
2355 Poplar Level Road
Louisville, KY 40217

Phone (502) 636-7660
Fax (502) 636-7668

Flaget Memorial Hospital Pain Center
4359 N. Shepherdsville Road
Bardstown, KY 40004

Phone (502) 350-5400
Fax (502) 350 5406